Just as in case of most Indian households Grand master M. Jayanth Reddy’s family members also wanted to see him grow into an engineer or a doctor where he could have been one among the many but destiny had its own plans as he was meant to something different from the many. It all started on a day in 1976 when his brothers ( Krishna Reddy, Sridhar Reddy ) brought him a book on martial arts which led him into the classes of Traditional Karate. After 4 years of rigorous practice he earned himself a Black Belt in Karate but that did not stop him from exploring other martial art forms as his fascination to deliver those high kicks in mid air paved way for the beginning of an epic journey into the world of Taekwondo.

It all fell in place when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized Taekwondo as a sporting discipline in 1979. After 4 years of hard work in learning and promoting this art through exhibitions across the country he found and set up the Andhra Pradesh Taekwondo association in 1983. In addition to this he trained several martial art enthusiasts and handed them over the mantle of running the Taekwondo associations for the various districts of Andhra Pradesh. He bagged his initial laurels by winning Gold Medals in 2 back to back National Championships held at Bangalore during 1983 (Aug 29th / 30th) and 1984 (Sep 3rd / 4th). He followed it up with a Silver Medal in 1985 at the same forum in Hyderabad followed by another Silver medal during the same year at the National Games. What made him unique as a sportsman was in addition to being a coach to the contingent he also folded up his sleeves and participated in the above mentioned competitions as a contestant thus setting an example to most other martial artists.

Apart from being a coach and a contender he also distinguished himself as an organizer when he conducted a South Zone Championship during 18th & 19th of Dec in 1983. After staging numerous Taekwondo demonstrations across India and conducting several District, State, Zonal and National level championships he started exploring this art in greater depth and that is what brought him to the United States where he underwent a 6 month advanced training camp under the watchful eyes of two 9th degree Black Belts namely Moo Yang Lee and Pong Ki Kim. He followed this up with an advanced course in speed training once again in the US. This enabled him to earn 4th to 6th Dan Black Belt titles from various World renowned Martial Art Associations. He also availed the unique opportunity of training with several Grand Masters and athletes of over 50 countries across the globe which helped him to stay updated by gaining several modern techniques.

Grand master Jayanth Reddy believed that one should not limit himself to a mere physical level and hence that got him exploring into several other therapeutic areas such as Psyche Pranic healing, Hypnosis / Self Hypnosis, Yoga, Sidhi & Transcendental meditation, Oxygen therapy, Organ cleaning and Breathing exercises from various eminent institutes Grand Masters and Masters offering these programs Mr. Achieved and Experienced . He also got himself a couple of Diplomas in the field of Acupressure, Magneto and Alternate Therapies. In his constant endeavor to bring about a mind - body unison he also gained proficiency by undergoing training & practice in the ancient Oriental meditative exercises such as harnessing the Chi Power and Qi Gong. But he topped it all up with a M.Sc. in Sports Medicine in 2002 from the University of Revenhurst, Netherlands.

Ten commandments of M.Jayanth Reddy

I will overcome all the world obstacles into defense demonstration of my body power, strength and skill.

No technique is beyond my reach and I will master it and leave behind my name, when I leave the planet.

The hell with genetics; I will describe my powers and strengths.

I am a participant and not a spectator.

I am an action taker and not an action faker.

There are no magic pills in martial arts. My ambition, desire and power originate from my intensity and devotion.

There are no shortcuts to reach the top in martial arts. The only way is with never ending thought that - I will make further more forward today.

I will shine to the topmost - overcoming all problems and destroy all negative people.

Standup be BOLD be STRONG...know that you are the creator of your own destiny.

I will train martial arts with atmost intensity, dedication of self-discipline and and fight for justice